Monday, May 24, 2010

A Very good prediction!

Hey, I am back!

Finally I’m going to write again and about soccer, subject that I know like no other [sure], more specifically the world cup in Africa. I will make bets of which country is going to win against who based on my very good opinion about the soccer players and the team itself.
First of all, Brazil is going to lose all the games OR will go to the finals and lose for Argentina, but despite my opinion, let’s predict!
To begin with we can eliminate, already, countries that we have never heard about in soccer (at least me), so good bye Cameroon, Serbia, Algeria and Côte d'Ivoire. They are out!Then how about select which country might have the worst food? (Because eat is everything...) Chile, Korea, Honduras and Gana can give their word of farewell.
Very important thing to keep in mind, England, USA, Germany and France are already out because they are very rich and do not deserve to win anything more (very ignorante opinion but I should have said something to eliminate more countries because there is a lot more to talk about). Oh! Japan doesn’t get eliminated because they have Sushi and Sushi is good (very good)!
Australia is good at surfing, Spain playing with bulls, Paraguai selling ‘pirate’ products and Holand selling things. For them just a plane to GO back to their countries.
Uruguai X Mexico, latino fight, just a tie and succesive losts.
Pasta x Escargot, pasta forever.
Lets assume that Nigeria, Portugal, Holand, Denmark, Switzerland, Greek, Slovakia and New Zeland were caught in a bad romance on a doping exam and got eliminated for that.
Now we are almost on the final
Brazil, South Africa, Argentina, Japan, Slovenia and Italy.
Brazil x Slovenia =Rememebr the plan Brazil x Argentina, so Brazil wins.
South Africa x Italy =Sorry South Africa, but I love Italy.
Argentina x Japan =Remember the plan [2] even though I prefer Japan.
So NOW we have Brazil, Italy and Argentina.
Unfortunately Italy loses and gets the third place
And then.......the epic match

Brazil x Argentina

Needless to say that Argentina IS GOING to win with a loose advantage, and Brazil will get the second place (666).
If this happens don’t forget to print this and make me famous ;)
But now seriously, I don’t know a thing about soccer, I hate it, I don’t understand how people can kill each other for the sport or die of a heart attack because of it, but it doesn’t mean that I can’t make fun about that. Nevertheless, I belive that world cup tends to be more peacefull because humans from all over the world are having a chance to be in touch with each other and maybe forget for a while their row and take everythingt a little bit easier.
In this world cup, I am supporting Italy and Japan :). If Brazil loses you can join me and help support these too.
Carlos- Express Master 4

A letter to Morrissey

Congratulations, Morrissey. Today, May 22, is your birthday.
We have a lot of  things in common.We were born on May 1959 and you've been in my life.
In 1982 ,we changed our lives, you've met Johnny Mars and you two created a wonderful new band -The Smiths -, simple like your songs and I left my town and I started living here far away from my parents.Your first LP was released on February 1984 and I had found out how hard was living alone,you had to save the money for the whole month,you had to clean your house, to wash your clothes. Listenning to'' What difference does it make?''I had thought although the difficulties I've had the delights -going home what time you want, undressing besides the door,taking someone you need or want to your house, having lunch when you feel hungry.
Listening to ''Heaven know I'm miserably now', I knew I enjoyed cooking,but I liked much more drinking and I really loved the first time!!!
Listenning to ''How soon is now'' I realized that money was nothing at all, but family, friends, job, music and my pet made the difference.
When I heard ''Please, Please, Let me get what I want" I chose between a serious boyfriend and travelling to Europe by inter-rail second class Europass and I went to Europe, I'm still single ,hahaha!
Then you split and ended up The Smiths. I wanted to kill you!
I go on crying, laughing at and being thrilled whenever I've heard ''Bigmouth strikes again'' or ''Everyday is like Sunday'' or ''The man with the horn is his side''.
Thanks !!! I love you, Morrissey!!!!


Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Brand new old world

If you had asked me some years ago, I would have told you that not even in my remotest dreams I would have imagined to visit Africa one day. As an English Teacher, I’ve always thought my first long English-speaking trip would be to an ordinary place like Toronto, L.A. or even the very-expensive-for-my-budget London. That's not how things (fortunately) worked out, though. After years planning and wondering where my will and my money would take me, I ended up going to Cape Town, South Africa. That's right: Africa. In a time – not so long ago - in which people would rather invest their savings and time travelling to either America or Europe - maybe Australia -, I did the opposite: I went into the wild. And I came back safe and sound, no lion tried to devour me, surprise, surprise – a bit of irony does no harm, does it?

Don´t take me wrong here, don´t think my reasons were 100% based on my inner wild feelings of getting to know the oldest and most exotic continent in the planet: nope. I actually wanted to go to Canada. Very boring choice, indeed. Cheaper, colder, less appealing. More traditional, though. The thing is, Canada and its Embassy ended up doing me a big favour: they didn´t let me in. I mean, they had my Visa denied (“Visa” here stands for the stamp Embassies put in your passport in order to allow you enter their territory, not the Credit Card company, just for the record). Yes, that´s right, Canada, the land of the free and desperate for immigration didn´t want this poor teacher to be in their country of endless opportunities. And I was just going to stay there for two months. Oh, well. Some people, mostly moms, say everything happens for a reason. My skepticism has to agree with them. And moms are always right, aren’t they?

After getting the negative answer for my Canadian Visa and crying for some endless hours, a light shone on me. Actually, it was a good friend of mine – Luísa or my Fairy Godmother as I like to call her since then – who came up with such an awkward but also interesting suggestion: “Why don´t you go to South Africa instead??? It´s cheaper, hotter, they also speak English, YOU DON´T NEED A VISA and there won´t be tons of Brazilians there!!!” – her exact words. Wow, I thought. “You gotta be kidding me!!!” “Africa?!? Are you out of your mind?” Some minutes after her at-that-time-shocking idea, I gave it some thought. Collected some data on the net. Got some info at Travel Agencies. There was no doubt: Cape Town, that would be my destination. Wild life, Safaris, breathtaking views, amazing mountains to climb, a whole new different world to explore. Indiana Jones would have been proud of me.

Some of the best months of my life were about to start. Going through very long flights and delays at airports, I finally made it to Cape Town. My host family, Charlotte and Mark, were a lovely middle-aged couple who have always helped me and treated me as if I were part of their offspring. There was this other girl staying at their flat – Melanie, an 18-year-old Swiss girl. We hit it off immediately and had – what Bryan Adams sang some years ago – the best days of our lives. The school where I studied, Cape Studies, was also incredibly amazing, with excellent teachers always willing to help. My teacher, Gavin, was the sweetest and coolest one. Also the toughest, which made me like him even more. At school, I met people from all parts of the planet. But my biggest and sweetest surprise lies in a not-so-small country somewhere in west central Africa, named Gabon. By the way, was it just me or neither of you has heard of this country before? Sorry for my ignorance, but I only got to hear about this country because I met Fantastic (that’s it, with Capital “F”) people from there. Those guys were amazingly funny, gentle and kind. They ended up becoming my best friends there. I’ll take them with me wherever I go, even though I know deep inside I’ll never see them again – that’s the worst part of spending sometime in foreign countries, my friends.

I had the chance to know awesome beaches like Clifton and Camps Bay; I could climb Table Mountain and see the whole city from the top; I went on a wild and boiling Safari; Tasted wine from their very famous vineyards; visited Robben Island, where Mandela spent more than two decades locked and exiled; I got to like hip hop a bit – but just a bit – tasted Chicken pizza with avocado (yucks!) and started appreciating what later became my favorite beer Stella Artois. I learned the true meaning of words like companionship, partnership, love and family. I discovered what to miss really important people was – my family and a few friends. I found out Apartheid might be formally over, but it was still felt on the streets, inside homes and into people´s minds. I’ve learnt how naive and badly informed Europeans can be – I met a Swiss who thought we, Brazilians, didn’t have Tvs at home… Oh, well… So much for ignorance. I learned how similar people can be, no matter what kind of upbringing they might’ve had.

I never tend to regret my decisions. I sold my old beloved Fiat Uno in order to spend some months in Africa. Now I know I couldn´t have made a better choice. Cars, money, all these material things, cliches aside, come and go. A trip, however, and its outcome will be forever yours. And no one else´s. Traveling to Africa opened my eyes to many tiny but not unimportant things about humankind. Made me also see life and future with other perspective. Turned me into a better person. (violins, please!)

The friends I made there, the people and places I met, the food, the streets, the sunset, the summer: South Africa is a unique place. With the upcoming World Cup, it´s funny to see people getting more and more interested about a country which never seemed to call people´s attention before. Surprising but good. I went there four years ago, I was 23, had just graduated from University, had lots of hopes and urges to know the rest of the world. South Africa has opened me many doors, not only professional ones, but also motivational ones. I´ve finally had the chance to prove how good my English was (and still is, hopefully!) and shut the mouth of many people I knew who never trusted teachers – like me, at that time - who hadn´t had experiences abroad. A huge stupidity, if you ask me. I reckon an experience abroad is extremely important for English teachers, but not mandatory. I myself know many teachers who haven’t been abroad and have excellent command of the language. I also know people who have travelled to foreign countries and think they are English teachers because of that. On the other hand, I know many people who have spent years in English Speaking countries and cannot tell the difference between it's and its. Oh, well. Life is what you make from the opportunities you get, I reckon. Whether we like it or not.

Philosophies apart, living in a different country, experiencing a new culture and language, trying different foods, drinking different kinds of beer (of course!!!) is something I think it´s primordial to everyone´s lives. I know there are people who aren´t very keen on flying and backpacking, but I do think people should be a bit more receptive to the unknown. There´s no harm in trying.

If I hadn´t been to South Africa, for instance, I wouldn´t probably be writing you this lovely text now. I could be either sleeping or daydreaming about what life in a whole different continent is like. Instead, I worked hard, saved lots of money and went there. I made it. I saw everything with my own myopic eyes and felt every sensation with my so-called heart of stone. And now, besides loads of pictures and sweet memories, I have the certainty that that old saying which says books and trips are the best teachers is not only true but also a fact. At least in my life.

Tasting a Pinotage

I've been travelling a lot, sometimes going to a congress, sometimes on vacations.
I love travelling and I love wines! Differently, I choose the places to visit according to wine.
I've been to Siena to taste Brunello di Montalcino, I've been to Bordeaux to see Chateaux Lafite (I didn't taste it,I would work the whole life to pay), I've been to Mendoza to go Tupungato,(the most local famous vineyard) and to try a good Argentinian Malbec, I've been to Chile to taste Chilean Carmenere.
A few years ago, I decided to go to South Africa to know and see and taste Pinotage - the trademark wine of South Africa which is a crossing of two grapes - Pinot Noir and Hermitage or Cinsault).
My expectations overcame all my thoughts and I loved South Africa with its diversity, its colours, its wildlife -I could see from the penguins to the Big Five, its sunshines and sunrises at the savannah, I've never seen the sun so red, so huge, so beautiful! The giraffe with its sweetness and height and Cape Town with it friendly, welcoming and humorous folk, its awe-inspiring landscapes and scenic wonders.
And I'll never forget when I tasted Pinotage and I detected its flavours, perceived its scents, saw its colour, it was a flood in my mouth and I really fell in love with South Africa.


Teacher Hell

World Cup Awards

Wassup yo niggers?!
I'm here to talk 'bout tha world cup and also to make ma teacher correct a great deal of mistakes!
As many of the brazilians, I'm supporting Brazil in this world cup! As many of the brazilians, I didn't like Dunga's last list of convocation... I mean, I enjoyed to see Julio César, Daniel Alves, Maicon, Lúcio, Kaka', Nilmar, Luís Fabiano and all the the footballers from the main team, but, as many of the brazilians, I disliked to see the midfielders Josué and Kléberson and the centre-forward Grafitte on the list. But who knows if Josué will not do a great job stopping Cristiano Ronaldo, Fernando Torres and these excelent offensive players??? And if Grafitte became the best scorer from Brazil? I can't wait to see that! I can't wait to see Maradona's sick junkie face after being eliminated – do not hate me, dear, and beautiful, teacher.
Changing lugagge for bag, my guesses are the following:
'Unnecessary' team: Korea DPR, because I think they won't win any match and Brazil will beat them by 3 or 4, so as Portugal.
'Deception' team: France, because Zidane won't be playing.
'Revelation' team: USA, I really believe they're giving trouble to the other teams.
World Cup Champion: Brazil, because we rock, nigga!
Unnecessary footballer: bunches.
Deception footballer: I don't really know if Ayala is playing, but if so, he is the one!
Revelation footballer: De Rossi and Rossi, from Italy, they have talent.
Best footballer: also a great number of possibilities, but I believe that the most quoted are Kaka', Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo and Fernando Torres. Because they just choose the ones who are playing in the final, what is unfair for me, because I think Ibrahimovic is the best footballer of the world, but he won't be in the final!

The best striker (more goals): Fernando 'El niño' Torres, the killer!!!

And the best things in the world cup are the matches, and I guess the best matches will be – in the group stage: Mexico against Uruguay, England versus USA and Brazil and Portugal. Than, Brazil versus Spain will be the best in the second stage before the finals.
All in all, I think this cup is going to be better than the last one, because I don't see an exceptional player in a great team – like we saw Zidane in France, but great footballers in exceptional teams, like Brazil, Spain, Argentina, Italy and so on... The moves will be incredibles and with credits to all the team.
That's it, bros! Hope you enjoy my words and I wait to read yours about the world cup soon!

And check this out:

The Motoboy, vrum vrum!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Woody Allen goes back to New York

The new Woody Allen’s movie Whatever works brings  back  the favorite director’s setting: New York. The city that hadn't appeared in the last four movies directed by him, returns to the scene as well as his sarcastic humor.
Whatever works tells the story of Boris Yellnikoff (Larry David), a grumpy old man that was almost nominated to the Nobel Prize for quantum mechanics. Currently, he is a retired nuclear physicist and a chess teacher. Although considering the only one who can understand the human aspirations he has his life changed when a young girl, Melodie St. Ann Celestine ( Even Rachel Wood) appears on his door asking for a place to stay.
Melodie is a silly girl from Mississipi, naive and hopeful that her future will be great in NY.  In the course of time, she doesn’t seem to have plans to leave Boris’s apartment, until one day she admits she has fallen in love with him.
Whatever works is full of good moments and great dialogues, reminding the best Woody Allen’s pictures like Every Thing You Always Wanted to Know About Sex * But Were Afraid to Ask(1972), Annie Hall (1977), Zelig (1983) and Hollywood Ending (2002). The director had success in bringing back his best feature: the ironic humor that a long time was lost in his movies. 

Fernanda Jorge

É possível que seu navegador não suporte a exibição desta imagem.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

World Cup Feelings

Whether you like football or not, there's one thing you've gotta admit: in a month from now the whole world will stop to watch the second most important sports competition in the planet - the Olympic Games will always take the first place. The subject will be brought up everywhere, so get used to it. While you're trying to sleep on the bus, queuing in the supermarket, cashing up some money, watching the news, it doesn't matter: the World Cup will be there, trust me. It has been like that for ages.

I myself love competitions like this. I'm not a sports addict, have never been. I do enjoy football, though. Mostly my beloved Brazilian team, Gremio - if you support "Inter", do not hate me, please! Moreover, the Fifa Cup is not only about the sport itself: it is about bringing people closer. Patriotism is suddenly brought alive. People seem to fall in love with their country - leaving all corruption, poverty and injustice behind - and that feeling of overcoming obstacles every game is spread all over. I do not know if it is a selfish feeling that motivates people, though: we HAVE to be the champions, we have to overcome the others. I don't personally feel like that. I prefer to feel passion, gratitude and nice feelings toward my country.

As much controversial it may sound, I do not LOVE our national team. Never have. Specially this one, Dunga's one. I don't feel connected to the players, they haven't been part of my life. Some of them I do not really know or never heard of. Victor, Gremio's goalkeeper, is not part of this group anymore. I felt a bit upset, I admit it. It is sad to see that no matter how good you are, sometimes things don't depend entirely on us. In Victor's case, Dunga didn't want him, although he has been elected the best in his position for the last two years. Hope Dunga doesn't regret it, that's all. Going back to my feelings toward our National team, I do not think I'll be really enthusiastic about their matches: I'll watch them because it's part of the ritual and, of course, I'm Brazilian and want my team to win - even though I think Argentina deserves the title much more than us. By the way, have you seen Messi playing recently?

Patriotism aside, I reckon this Cup will also be a good chance for people to get to know South Africa a bit better. I have already lived there and strongly recommend any of you to pay them a visit whenever you have the opportunity. It is a lovely country, with breathtaking views and an amusing multicultural people which cannot be found anywhere else. I hope people start viewing things from a different perspective from now on. The idea that Africa - the continent - is an incredibly poor and useless place should be changed for good, hopefully. If most of our culture and our relatives came from there, why can't we pay them a bit of respect and admiration, then? Some food for thought here.

If only I had a crystal ball now, I would be able to know who will the champion be. And also know what repercussions and benefits South Africa will take from this. I don't have super powers, though. I can only make assumptions. I place all my bets in Diego Maradona's team. I'd say Spain might be one of the favorite for the title as well. Brazil? Don't think will go too far. Maybe if it relies on luck, then, my friends, anything can happen. In the meantime, we can support, scream, yell, cry, curse, laugh, argue and hope for the best. The time has come. Have a seat and enjoy the show. And, please, do not forget that there will be an election in October in Brazil. Focus, if you don't lose it, there's no problem in joining the crowd. Good luck, Brazil!


Hi there, It's been a long time, yeah...

Well, today I am going to paste write a few of homophones and a link to an exercise from BBC (regarding the subject of course.
But first...WHAT IS A HOMOPHONE for Christ's sake?

Are words that have:

  Spelling       Pronunciation     Meaning
 DifferentSame               Different


Hour- time  
Our-   something that belongs to us

It's - contraction of "IT IS"
Its - the possessive form of "IT"

Cheap - something inexpensive
Cheep - "a faint, shrill sound like that of a young bird" [dicitonary definition]

Wail  (____)
Wale (____)
Whale - the animal (Free Willy)

Coign (____)
Coin  (____)

Idle (_____)
Idol - "American Idol"

Summarizing, there are hundreds of thousands homophones that can be here. However, I am not going to write them al, but you can help me, and if you don't I will do it later :)
Well, thanks god Blogspot save when we are writting because the lights have just went of and I lost a little bit of the text that I was writing...and AH! I was almost forgetting the exercise from BBC: clicking on "Homophones Exercises".
I will probabily correct it later, GOD I hate CEE.

Homophones Exercises

Carlos- Express Master 4

Monday, May 10, 2010

The sound of my adulthood II

I'm used to listening to Matchbox 20 when I'm going to my English class on Friday.
Another good tip to whom like music, arts and books is the new blog from ZH: Segundo Caderno, specially Pedro Leite.
Enjoy reading and knowing the news!


The sound of my adulthood

Last Nite by Strokes stirs myself, it goes ahead to my soul, my mind speeds along 200 kmph and I become
extremely enthusiastic.Whenever I am sad or so happy, or I am in trouble or my internal world topples or it is Friday night, I listen to Last Nite; ''my friends don't understand'' - they 've listened to Mamma Mia - what a difference!!! I enjoyed Abba, though.

Try listening!!!!!!

Lucia Diehl

Friday, May 7, 2010

The attack of the whale

Even if you are not attracted by the songs of Moby, an American pop singer and composer, and maybe his life is not full of lovers like Madonna or scandals like Amy Winehouse, the story behind his name has already become a legend.

Descendant of the American novelist Herman Melville, his name was created to honour one of the most important books of all times: Moby Dick.

Recently, another book, In the heart of sea, a more historical one, was launched by the American historian Nathaniel Philbrick, to celebrate and tell the true story of the whale that sunk a boat on the Pacific Ocean in the XIX century. According to Philbrick, Melville just tells a story about an attack of a furious whale, and many important and veridical facts did not deserve the right attention in his book. Meanwhile, to improve our knowledge in the past events, Philbrick uses many sources and researchers to take us deeper into subject.

Therefore, during the reading, much information about the biology of whales and their ecosystem and the life of whale hunters on sea are presented to us. There are still interesting parts describing the lifestyle in the historic Nantucket island during the XVIII and XIX centuries. This island grew with the whale hunt and the making of all products extracted by the whale as oil and? However, after many years of indiscriminated exploration, the whales almost disappeared.

However, to be honest, the author gets all my mind during the description of the ‘fight for life’ that the sailors needed to face after the boat was sunk. I could fell my throat dry up and even hungry with all their privations.

In the heart of sea can be an adventurous book to whom is searching for strong feelings. Or it is an historical book for those interested in sources and past voices. It can be still considered a guide to the sea lovers. Even so, in my opinion, we can take a more profound message on this book: the ecosystem must be used consciously.

Tobias Vilhena de Moraes (Archaeologist and Historian)

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Erykah Badu

Being fashion is listening to Erykah, a great soul, R&B American singer. She is best known for her single On&On. Her first CD Baduizm was released in 1997. Her work has been labeled as nu soul, nouvelle soul or neosoul and she has been compared to Billie Holliday. Her latest cd New Amerykah Part Two is worth hearing. Pay attention to Window Seat and Turn me Away!!!


Supertramp: the sound of my teen days!

I was a teen in the middle of the 70's. It was effervescent days for music and for us, teenagers. ''Stairway to Heaven had been released by Led Zeppelin, Stones sang ''Satisfaction'', The Beatles were over, Paul MacCartney did a great success with his new band Wings - Band on the run, Raul Seixas made us fool with Ouro de Tolo and Secos e Molhados carried a lot of people to see them.

We used to meet our friends and hear longplays (LP) in our record players and we went to dance in a garage and we walked to the school all mornings with our mates, we strolled in our bikes, we went on foot to the cinema (the cinemas were in the streets, not in a shopping), DJ was Discotecario, we didn't have msn, cd, dvd, internet and computers. We listened to Am radio and we heard James Taylor -How sweet is your love; Carly Simon-You are so vain, Elton John,Peter Frampton to whom we were in love with.

We were deeply stirred by Dreamer (crime of the century Supertramp). It was our song. In these days we dated, we had a romantic relationship and then we kissed, (do you believe?) and having sex was so far away, Remember: boys didn't use to wear condom, girls going to gynaecology ?only in the moon, your mother could find out, we depended on the chance, When we listened to Dreamer, our hearts blared,our vessels pumped and our desire blew up.
Although it has been a hard time with changes,wishes and desires, it was very good!!!!
I've heard Roger Hodgson ,the lead singer of Supertramp will be here at May 13.
I suggest going to this show, probably you will enjoy it!!!

EP2 Teacher Hell

Empire of the Sun

Movie Type: War Drama

Starring: Christian Bale, John Malkovich, Miranda Richardson, Nigel Havers, Joe Pantoliano.

Based on J.G. Ballard's autobiographical novel, “Empire of the Sun” is a 1987 film directed by Steven Spielberg. The movie tells the story of a boy, Jamie Graham (Christian Bale), who lives with his rich British family in Shanghai during the period pre-World War II. With the Japanese invasion, Bale is separated from his parents and, after some obstacles, becomes a prisoner of war in a Japanese camp. Jamie falls in an unknown and difficult world, and one of the focus of the movie is to show how was the growing up in a time of war. I recommend! If you want to know more, watch it!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


            Anakin Skywalker finally became a recognized jedi knight whom everybody believes will bring the balance to the force. Also, he found a deal between his job and his secret relationship with Amdala, the senador of Naboo. At the same time his master, Obi-Wan Kenobi, was accepted to join the jedi concil, a high position for jedis.
            The situation of the republic is critical, and the clone war is still rushing. The jedis’aim is to find general Grevious and Count Dooku, the known leaders of the Federation, and finish the battle. On the other hand, nobody could suspect that the real enemy was inside the republic, the supreme chanceler Palpatine.
            He was conspirating against the Jedis and taking slowly the control of the galaxy.  Palpatine needs an extra help to make his plan work, so he begins to persuade Skywalker to join the dark side of the force using the Skywalker’s weakness and ambitions. After bring the young Jedi to him, Palpatine starts a Jedi’s carnage, killing everyone as he can and having his revenge.
            In the end of the movie Skywalker, blinded from the dark side, loses his love and fights with his best friend and master Obi-Wan Kenobi until almost the death. After the battle he got serious damages in his body, making him half human and half machine.
            Palpatine got his goals, but he couldn’t figure out that Skywalker had two twin children, that carry the Skalwalker’s skills, and they would save the galaxy from the dark side.          

Rafael Fontoura Quadros
Express Plus 1

Greenery Day

Today is the Japanese Greenery Day!
It's celebrated on May 4 and it's a day that has been set aside for nature appreciation.
Until 1988, April 29 was celebrated as the birthday of Emperor Showa.
It was decided to keep this day a holiday even after his passing away in January 1989 and to name it Greenery Day because of the Emperor's love for nature.
In 2007, April 29 became Showa Day, and Greenery Day was moved to May 4.
On this day, commemorative plantings of trees are held around the country, as are many events that bring people closer to nature.
So I think I'll do nothing else but appreciate nature today...


Monday, May 3, 2010

I carry your heart - E.E. Cummings

A poem



I've heard on the radio, this voice with sweetness and sadness caught me, I  found who she was in a
playlist of Itapema Fm after searching a lot.
Adele has been considered the new Amy Winehouse in England, her first cd was released in 2008 and she won 2 grammys -best new singer and best female performance.
Enjoy ''Chasing Pavements''!!! Gorgeous!!!