Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Florence and the Machine

I can't help listening to this song - Dog Days are Over.  Since I 've heard it for the first time I melted with the rhythm, the voice, the beats and I haven't read about or seen Florence and the Machine yet. I found out in Wikipedia: it is the recording name of an indie rock English artist Florence Welch and a colaboration of other artists who provide backing vocals for her voice. The band's sound has been described as a combination of various genres, including rock and soul. Her first cd was released in 2009 and it was called Lungs.
This sound that I've attached is the main song of Eat, Pray and Love soundtrack. Enjoy it !
Lucia Diehl

Thursday, July 1, 2010


That's a pity Bradley and Lou-Dog aren't around us, but...

If you're a Sublime big fan, you're gonna say “you're stupid, they restarted playing last year!”, however, nobody has written anything about it!
But, if you don't know what the hell am I talking about, here it is: Sublime – the one that plays Santeria – is back! Yes, and you're probably saying: “and so??? they have only one music!!!”
That's the moment I have to save the text for people do not stop reading it! C'mon people, don't be mad... I'm here to tell you that Sublime have a lot of great songs and they are one of the best ska/punk/reggae bands – perhaps one of a few -. Anyway, the news that they're getting back together came to me last weekend... when I was playing Sublime's songs with my friends, and one of them is really keen on the band. And he told me that the new vocal is awesome, not as much as Bradley (the vocal that died, yes, of drug addiction diseases), but an awesome bastard called Rome Rene Ramirez!
So, if you don't know... the Sublime style still straight from all over tha world, bro!
And I think I know the reason why Sublime is enjoyed all over the world (you saying: “But they aren't enjoyed all over the world!), by the way... they come from Long Beach, Califronia... The most cosmopolitan city of the U.S., but also with less xenophobia! Bunches of Hispanics and American living together without big troubles... And their music are really revolutionary, not in the literal meaning (“viva la revolución!”, “viva che!”, “viva fidel!”), but, I mean... they talk about love, but not love stories, as the gay singers do, they say that love is to keep chin up even when you're under piles of bills, and your dog runs away, and your mother is not good with you, and etc...
I think that's it folks, hope you enjoy the video I'm posting... And if you like Sublime, take a tip-a-tip from me:

Cheers, Motoboy!