Monday, August 16, 2010

The jungle book

When I was a child I saw a movie that I never forgot. The name in Portuguese is MOGLI, o menino lobo. In English, THE JUNGLE BOOK.
 It began when Baguera, the wisdom panther, listened to the crying’s baby in the middle of the Jungle. In fact, he discovered that there was a baby inside the basket. He took it with his big mouth and carried the baby up to the wolf family. The little boy grew up there, with the wolfs, during five years.
 After this time happened a meeting of the old wolfs and they decided that was
impossible to keep with Mogli, because he was man’s soon, and the bad tiger, Shere kan, would kill everyone who stay with the boy.
 Bagera, the panther, committed to get him to human village. There began the
great adventure because Mogli didn’t want to go to the village, he wanted to stay in the jungle.
 The first night, when they went to sleep above the tree, Kaa, the snake, tryed
to eat Mogly. First she hypnotized the boy, but Baguera saved him.
 In the morning they was woke up with the elephant platoon, that marched and
sang in the compass. After that, Mogly and Baguera discussing and they split up halfway.
 That was the moment when Balu, the easy going bear, met Mogly and begans a
friendship. Balu taught him the meaning of a good relation and his philosophy “Just the
necessary”. In the mildly of the way they met monkeys who kidnap Mogly. Baguera returned
and helped Balu to cachets Mogly.
 Baguera told to bear that was necessary to left Mogly in the human village and
convinced him that it was write. Mogly disagreed and went alone thru the jungle, felling
lonlyness. He mets other personages like the vulture group that enjoy himself a little.
 Of course Shere kan, the bad tiger, appeared and tried to killed the boy.
This moment all the friends animals began do helped him, and shoot the tiger away .
 Returning to the way of human village, Mogly sow the little girl who was
getting water in the river and stayed lovely with her. Baguera and Balu understand the
situation and they knew that Mogly found his group.
 I want to tell you about this history that happened in the jungle.
 This film is beautiful, with songs all the time.
 When we are with 4 or 5 years old and sow this movie, we never forget in our

Iara Mongelos Wallim

Shutter Island

Shutter Island is a very good thriller directed by Martin Sorcese.

It talks about madness and it shows how mind can create illusions sometimes.

Everything is caused by the disappearance of a woman in a prison-madhouse that is also a small island oblivious to the world. The story is set in the fifties and it begins when two policemen arrive in the island and start investigating the case. The main character is one of the policemen, Teddy, played by Leonardo Dicaprio. He is a veteran of Second War, and because of that he often suffers hallucinations about his past in war and his family. The hallucinations become bigger and bigger, because he eats the madness food (at least this is what he thinks). When they give up and decided to get out of the island, a huge storm prevents them. And the weather almost keeps this way during the whole history. 
 While they are looking for the disappeared woman, they start receiving a few clues about a mysterious patient that is also disappeared, despite not being registered at the prison. With this situation the distrust in the agents of the prison raises and Teddy starts looking for clues in the whole island without his partner’s help.
 Slowly, he loses his minds and stops differing reality from fantasy. Then scary things happen changing the whole situation, soon also the watcher does not differ reality and fantasy. Only at the end of the movie the whole true comes out.

Guilherme Morlin


This movie is deeply interesting ! It is a journey into the unknown , the unconscious and its  direct relation to dreams.

According to Freud, dreams are the realization  of wishes. Dreams are the photograph of the unconscious.

This movie keeps us in suspense for two hours, reminds us with its frenetic movement  how quicker are thoughts, its special effects caught our attention that we don't blink, its brilliant story make us thinking about the labyrinth of mind.  Sometimes you get lost , but in a few moments the story is again understandable and widely appreciated.

It is about the inception of ideas into people's head by Dom Cobby ( Leonardo DiCapprio) and his gang.

Awe-inspiring ! I definitely recommend this movie !

Lucia Diehl

The Hills Have Eyes

This USA horror movie was released in 2006 in Brasil named “Viagem Maldita”. A North-American family goes on vacation around USA, but they are unlucky and their car breaks in the middle of the desert. Over there they have to put up with boredom and heat, the family ends up being persecuted by a psychotic killers’ group that attack in the desert.
            Directed by Alexandre Aja, with Aaron Stanford, Kathleen Quinlan and Vanessa Shaw, this movie doesn’t have a good plot to keep your attention. There are just deaths, blond and screams.
            When I watched this movie with my girlfriend, we saw a lot of couples going out during the movies (with the girls pulling the boys’ arm…)   

Denis Utzig

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Drag me to hell

Has any of you seen this movie?

If you intend to do it, please don't!

First of all, the story is unbelievable! Imagine that a young lady that works in a bank refuses to make a second mortgage for a nice old lady.

Her days of "living la vida loca" are over!

The old lady not only curses her, but she also makes a ghost torment the banker’s life

Well, I didn’t like this movie most of all because the story is too weak! And the effects of this

movie are not nice either. There is too much information for just a mortgage arrangement.

That’s all I have to say about it! (Just like Forrest Gump! Hehehe!)

See you soon!


Monday, August 9, 2010

"The Past" by Alan Pauls, a new generation argentinian's writer.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            One of the most impacting books I've read!
This book is about Love - '' Love is continuous flood" as the book or Sofia said.
It is a trip about Love, Love as obsession, as Love could be an addiction and how far Love could become into a devastating strength!
Hard and heavy reading, but I can't help reading it  or I can't stand giving it up! like an obsessed love!
The book is about Rimini, a argentinian translator and his wife Sofia, they live in Buenos Aires, they 've been married for twelve years, their suffering and pain after they got divorced , their other lovers,their coming and going, addiction, marriages and children, empty soul and fears.
It is about life and crossings during life,about what we've lost or we've left in the past and what we' ve become.
This book is useful to think about love and where love could take us!
Obsessively Unmissable  !

Lucia Diehl

Trash movies???


Have you ever heard about the movie called “He’s Just not that into you”? IF you heard, did you like it or not? I didn’t. The s plot is about 5 women, Gigi, one of them, is a single woman who goes out with Connor and he won’t call her the next day. Despite of this, she met Alex, Connor’s rommate and tries to show her what men think about the world. Connor is having an affair with some Singer called Anna, but she likes Ben who is married with Janine who works with the first woman that I mantioned, Gigi. The other two women are Mary, a woman who works with advertising to promote Connor’s campain and Beth is Neil’s girlfriend but he doesn’t want to marry her.
    I didn’t like this movie because it’s always the same story: John likes Mary who likes Peter that doesn’t like anyone. Considering the stars of this film, you’d expect a successful movie, but it’s not what happens, at least not for me, of course. The movie has the same story, everybody has a happy ending and find their real Love. When I was watching the movie I was expecting something different like real advice and clues for women when they are in Love. IF you want this, buy a book and enjoy it, you won’t gonna waste your time. But, the positive point of this movie was the cast which is very good and famous like Drew Barrymore, Jennifer Aniston, Ben Affleck, Scarlett Johansson, Jennifer Connelly and Bradley Cooper.

Maria Victória
Express Plus 3
Teacher Hell