Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Gorillaz !

My friend Toby ( my classmate at Cultura) introduced me to this video, I loved it and I can't help listening and watching it the whole day!
I hope you enjoy as I do !

Gorillaz are a British virtual band formed in 1998 by a collaboration between Damon Albarn ( from Blur ) and Jamie Hewllet. The band is comprised of four fictional band members: 2-D ( vocals, keyboard ) , Murdoc Niccals ( bass ),  Noodle ( guitar, vocals ) and Russel Hobbs ( drums ). These characters only appear in animated forms and are not alter-ego of real people. There is an extensive fictional back-story behind these band members, written by Albarn and Hewllet . The albums, several videos and the book ''
Rise of the Ogree" all tells the saga .
They have released three albums : Gorillaz ( 2001) , Demon Days (2005 ) and Plastic Beach (2010 ).Additionally ,they have put out two B-sides collections : G-side (2001) and D-side (2007 )and a reggae remix of  the  Gorillaz album entitled '' Laika comes home '' (2002 )
The band's first single '' Clint Eastwood '' was released in 2001. ( from LastFm ).

Lucia Diehl

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