Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Arcade Fire

I've known Arcade Fire since the release of their second Cd- Neon Bible and I really like them.
But I am absolutely  in love with their new CD-" The Suburbs".
The first time I've heard the song The Suburbs- I went straight to Heaven and after I've read Gustavo Brigatti- Remix blog's writer - has adored it and he has felt the same way as I did. Try listenning " The Suburbs",  after you could hear" Read to Start"," Half Light 1" and then" Suburban War" - my favourite and the rest of the CD . Pay attention to Wim Butler's voice and the use of a large number of instruments such as  the guitar, keyboard, violin, viola, cello ,acordion and harp ,drums, piano, xylophone, and French horn.
To top it off, Arcade Fire  resembles my beloved "The Smiths"!

I hope you enjoy as I do!
I can't help listening them my whole day!

 Arcade Fire is an orchestral indie rock band which formed in Montreal, Canada in 2003, around the duo Wim Butler and his wife Regina Chassagne. Their first album is 'Funeral' which was released in 2003/2004 and their first single was Rebellion(Lies).  Hear  '' Une annee sans lumiere ".
Their second cd was released in 2007 and their single was ''No car go'';  on August 2010 , they released '' The Suburbs ", (from LastFm )
The Suburbs is'' THE " album !!!!

Lucia Diehl

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