Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Band on the run !

One of the most remarkable LPs I've listened for my  whole life is "Band on the run"  from Paul McCartney and Wings.
Whenever I live or I am, it reminds me loads of joyful and pleasant moments. 
It was 1974, I had started going out with friends, I had fallen in love for the first time, we had been introduced to jeans , we had begun  wear ing bikinis , an I loved  hippie dresses and'' boca-de-sino'' pants. Listening ''Mamunia '' or '' Band on the Run '' or ''Jet '' smelt a gin-fizz( our favourite drink at these time) , a ''bauru '' after leaving the parties , a relaxed and uncommitted days where you only lived, without worrying about anything, except get good notes at school and enjoy life.
The fashion in music, it had been progressive rock such as Jethro Tull, Yes, Pink Floyd and our ears had had enough of it , hence hearing that sweet ,melodic pop songs utterly caught us.
I can't help being very happy when I  listen to these songs !
Thanks , Paul !

Lucia Diehl

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